dana in Mainstream Media

On occasion dana has worked in Mainstream media, below are a few examples of work he has shown up in, as well as a few behind the scenes stories and easter eggs. 

Cake Diet (DaBoyWay)

DaBoyWay is one of, if not the best known rapper from Thailand. He and dana met on the set of a movie in 2022 and quickly vibed over a love of hip hop. Later that year Way asked dana to play the role of a strung-out bus driver in his surreal music video for his song Cake Diet. It was an amazing two days of shooting with an awesome cast and crew.

A bit of trivia about the video, the burning bus you see at the beginning of the video was left over from the movie Way and dana were in together. 

Hard Target 2

Originally cast as a referee for this movie, as at the time dana was an active MMA referee for promotions all over Asia. However, when he showed up on set the director exclaimed he was far too big compared to the actors who would be the fighters so he was swapped with the cut man.

dana had a few lines of dialog in this movie, but none of them survived the edit. It was also on the set of this movie where dana would first meet David Asavanond who he is close friends with to this day. 

Bang The Movie

One of the movies dana worked on in 2022 was Bang where he played a gangster named Tony. This was hands down the most fun production he had worked on and he had the chance to work with a great director and DP, and this is also where dana met and become friends with Way, which lead to his role in Cake Diet. This was also the first movie where dana shared the screen with his friend Flano.