About Us

Dana and Jib from Idea Studio Bangkok on the BTS SkyTrain

Idea Studio is a Bangkok-based YouTube Channel started in 2015 and run by dana and Jib. We create documentary films that explore the unique aspects of life in and around Thailand. Idea Studio shares these oddities with the world through our work.  

We aren't a channel that uploads all the time as we focus on a lot of details in our production and editing. So to make up for this lack of uploaded content we Do a weekly LiveStream to keep in touch with the Idea Studio Community. 

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Both dana and Jib are creatives in their own right. The working relationship between dana and Jib is as collaborative as a creative couple could be. while dana takes the lead directing and editing most of the videos on the channel, Jib is the real stand out creative, she is a traditional Thai artist whose insights and eye for design are crucial to the creative process of Idea Studio. 

Before meeting almost a decade ago and beginning their journey together both dana and Jib lived vastly different lives than they do today. Jib was a scientist focused on nutrition and dana was an engineer in the US working in the telecom industry.

While both challenging and rewarding careers it left them feeling unfulfilled as they were not pursuing their creative endeasvor and both wanted more. 

So come and join us as we explore and document life in and around Thailand and show you the unique and interesting spots.